6 Features to Consider When Choosing Your Cabinet Hardware

During a kitchen or bath remodel you’ve got plenty of decisions to make. Don’t let the decision-making process of selecting knobs and pulls for your doors and drawers keep you from making progress.

Selecting the best hardware for your cabinets is a way to express your personal style and taste. Whether you choose beautiful ornate handles and knobs, or a sleek and simple design, your cabinetry becomes immediately transformed by the kind of hardware you choose.

Shopping For Cabinet Hardware? 6 Features To Consider Before You Buy

With so many great options available on the market, how do you pick the types of knobs, handles and or drawer pulls that you want for your home? Here are 6 things to consider when shopping for cabinet hardware:

1. Price: The price of cabinet hardware ranges considerably and depends on many different factors including design, quality and materials. Figuring out how many pulls and knobs you need, setting a budget, and looking for options within your price range is a great way to start identifying your options.

2. Style: While the budget decision may be the first step in the process, you cannot forget the overall style and look you are going for with the hardware that you choose. Selecting your options based on the complimentary styles of your cabinets and flooring will help eliminate unattractive pieces. With so many unique options to choose from, style has become a defining factor in the kitchen hardware industry.

3. Material: Cabinet hardware is made from a huge assortment of materials. This includes stainless steel, pewter, porcelain, brass, glass, stone, wood, bronze, crystal, copper and marble. Make sure you choose a high-quality material that looks great with your cabinetry and also offers just the right look and function you want.

4. Shape: Whether you like square, rounded, oblong, rectangle or some other original shape, cabinet hardware comes in many different forms. Before settling on the first option that you like, explore different shapes to find just the right hardware for your cabinetry. And make sure to test out function too. You don’t have to compromise ease-of-use for an original look.

5. Durability: When you invest in new cabinetry for your kitchen or bathroom, you expect it to last a long time. Similarly, you want the hardware that you choose to be every bit as durable and long-lasting. Investing up front in kitchen hardware that you truly love will be an investment that rewards you time and again.

6. Installation: A final element to pay attention to when selecting your cabinet hardware involves installation. Before you make a purchase, be sure your selected pieces actually fit your cabinetry and that installation requires minimal effort. You don’t want your remodel to hinge on this one issue.

Shopping for hardware for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets is a lot of fun. Being aware of some of the factors that go into make a great decision will make your overall experience more positive. While cabinet hardware may seem like a small decision for a big kitchen or bathroom remodel, it is definitely helpful to understand your options. And for expert help and a beautiful selection of the best kitchen knobs, handles and pulls, stop by our store in Louisville, Kentucky. Call 502-241-9969 for more info.

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Five Key Things To Remember When Installing Cabinet Hardware

Nothing puts a stamp of individuality on your home like a good do-it-yourself project. Not only does it feel great to repair and improve things your way, but it also saves you a lot of money. In fact, with so many information resources available, most things in every abode can be fixed, tweaked, or tightened for the better.

Still, there is no shortage of instances in which a seemingly simple DIY project takes an unexpected and unpleasant turn. One such project is setting up cabinet hardware. You may be looking to tackle this project to spruce up your kitchen or another area of your house, but may be nervous about making a mess of it. Fret not-here are five points that can help you do it yourself and do it well.

Get Your Tools Together

The first thing you should do is make sure you already have the instruments to get the job done. It can be frustrating to find out you don’t have the right ones, not to mention that using incorrect tools can make your project go awry. In most cases the needed utensils will include a hammer, tape measure, a pencil, a screwdriver, a center punch, a drill, and a drill bit.

Determine Handle Placement

Handles are important in this task, so it helps to figure out exactly where you want them to go. Consider the functionality of the handle, and make sure that it doesn’t make opening and closing difficult. Placing a handle in the center may not always be the best solution, so experiment with placement to see which position will be optimal.

Think Sets Instead Of Individual Parts

In most cases, you will be installing cabinet hardware for a set or group of units instead of just one. Plan this out before you begin, seeing rows or columns of units instead of just one after the other. Otherwise, you could successfully set up one and disrupt the spacing needed for the following units.

See The Visual Aspect

A lot of DIY enthusiasts will swear by numbers when it comes to measurement and execution, but an eye for design is also important. Without it, a set of units may be installed per the required measurements but may seem visually uncomfortable. Take the time to see if the setup looks natural. Good visual design can go far in a home’s long-term value.

Get In The Zone

One of the most important things to remember is to be in a positive state of mind when handling the project. Trying to do it while stressed or upset can impair your sense of perception and hinder the process. Schedule a time for the installation that won’t require you to rush or compete with another task. If need be, step away from the task and come back when you feel ready.

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How to Install Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

How to install kitchen cabinet hardware can be a little bit tricky. You need to make some really exact measurements to ensure everything sits flush and even. Of course there is an upside to doing it yourself. You get the exact hardware you want with the added bonus of saving thousands of dollars on a remodel job.

There are all sorts of options available in each type of hardware. We’ll look at a few different types and how to install them.

First thing you need to do is install hinges.

You have a couple different hinge types. Surface mount, and flush mounts are the two most common.

Surface mount hinges are a much easier piece of hardware to install. They install across the face of the cabinet and just require a few simple measurements.

Here’s how to install a surface hinge:

Hold the cabinet door up and mark two hinge positions on the door and on the cabinet itself.

Get a friend to hold the door up in place while you drill the attach points for the hinges.

The next thing is to screw the hinges in place.

Swing the door through its full range of motion to make sure it swings freely and doesn’t bind up where it contacts the cabinet.

As long as you have your friend helping you go ahead and finish mounting up all the cabinet doors at this time.

Installing flush mount hinges is a harder job that still requires a helper.

With flush mount hinges you need to mark offsets on the interior side of the cabinet. The hinge will wrap around the door frame and attach to the back of the cabinet. Other than that the install procedure is the same as for the surface mount hinges.

The next piece of hardware you’ll have to install is the drawer pulls. The two main types of these are:


Surface mount handles simply install with a couple of decorative screws through the handle tang. Just hold the handle in position and drive home the two screws. Measure from the center point of the handle out to the side and bottom of the cabinet door, this gives you a reference point for the handles on all the other doors.

Knobs are just about as simple to install. Once again hold the knob up to the door. Mark the attach point.

Drill through the cabinet door front.

Stick the bolt through the hole and tighten up the knob against it.

For knobs that need two bolts the procedure is pretty much the same. The obvious difference is you’ll need to stick another bolt through. You’ll just have to measure another offset and drill two holes.

Hinges, door knobs and drawer pulls are the main components of kitchen hardware. They require a little bit of mathematical skill to transfer the measurements between cabinets but other than that the installation job is pretty straight forward. How to install kitchen cabinet hardware isn’t really all that difficult. Just take the measurements and find a helper to get the job done.

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A Kid in a Candy Store – Choosing Cabinet Handles

Remember walking through the neighborhood hardware store with your dad when you were a kid? The place was full of mysterious things. Some you recognized but didn’t have a name for. Other things – who knew what they were and what you’d do with them if you had them? It was a much less enticing place than a toy store.

Walk through your typical home improvement center or hardware store, and you might recall those days. But there’s a corner you can turn, and it’s like walking into a jewelry store. For nearly as far as the eye can see, cabinet handles and drawer knobs stand displayed for your inspection, their tiny bins filled like the dispensers at the candy store in the mall.

A kitchen renovation often involves refinishing or replacing the cabinets. This design decision represents a big investment in your home, and you’re likely to follow through with careful consideration. After you make your choices here, you’ve got a fun one to play with-which cabinet handles will you choose? But you might find that it’s not unlike when your dad said to you in the candy store, “Which piece of candy do you want?” And choose wisely. Your selection could be as expensive as something you buy in a jewelry store.

With all this cabinet jewelry to pick from, what should your base your decision on? Style is one of the biggest considerations. Thousands of cabinet handles and knobs are available from scores of hardware manufacturers. Look at your cabinets-what color are you working with? A rich wood stain? A light and natural finish with a visible grain? Painted white? Do you think the cabinets would look better with drawer handles that stand out and make a design statement of their own, or would you prefer ones that blend in with the surface color? Do you want a style that coordinates with the overall décor of your home, or do you want to incorporate a little contrast and surprise here?

Another consideration is cost. Before you start shopping for cabinet hardware, count your cabinets and drawers carefully. Don’t be surprised if a small kitchen requires a dozen pieces of hardware. And in a well-appointed suburban kitchen, you may find that you need upwards of fifty cabinet handles. Be sure to include a sufficient amount in your budget to finish this project properly.

Of course, it may be difficult to decide on a single style, finish, or material for your cabinets. If you find it just too tough to choose, think again. You can choose cabinet knobs for doors, and install cabinet handles on the drawers. It’s your look and your style. Do what you like.

Function plays a role in your choice of cabinet handles. A knob requires you have finger dexterity to open a door or a drawer; that’s fine for most of us. But some cabinet handles let you grab from above or below the hardware and not require a grip. Cabinet handles can be a better choice if little hands or arthritic fingers are at work here.

After your cabinets are in place and you bring your hardware home, plan to take some time to get this project finished. Take great care when installing the cabinet handles. Use a template to properly position the screw holes for the cabinet hardware. The last thing you want to do is to ruin cabinet doors and drawers by placing drill holes incorrectly.

If you don’t take care here, this final part of the project can be an unpleasant reminder of a job that you rushed through just to say, “It’s finished.” Take the time you need to make your kitchen the jewel box you know it can be.

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Replacing Hardware for Existing Odd Size Holes

Not all hardware is made the same and sometimes the hardware that comes with the cabinets that are in your home are odd sized. This can mean that there is an issue when replacing the existing odd size holes with other hardware. How do you make the new hardware fit the cabinets when the holes are too large or too small for your new hardware? There are a few things that you can do to get your new cabinet pulls and hinges to fit without having to get new cabinets entirely.

· Large Holes – When the holes are larger than the screws for the new hardware you can do one of two things. You can either purchase inserts to make the holes smaller and allow them to be able to fit the new screws, or you can fill them with putty and drill new holes. Many people prefer to use the inserts because they are easier to use. It also keeps the cabinets from having too many holes. Drilling new holes can offer a tighter fit for the new hardware so that can be a positive for that method.

· Small Holes – These are much easier to deal with as long as they are positioned in the same spots as the new hardware needs to be. All you need to do in this situation is drill the holes a bit larger to accommodate the larger screws. If they are not spaced correctly, then you need to use what holes you can by drilling larger, plugging the ones that are not needed with putty and then drill more holes for the rest of the hardware.

· Misplaced Holes – Some hardware can have odd hole placement as well as size. In these extreme cases, you may need to completely start from scratch. This means filling the holes with wood putty, sanding them down and drilling new holes. If you do not fill the holes with properly, you end up with cabinets that look like Swiss cheese. We have much easier options such as adjustable handles and backplates that can eliminate the need for any of this with odd hole placement.

Not all cabinet hardware is created the same. For this reason, it can take a bit of work to make the new hardware work with the old odd holes. Use time and care to make sure that the cabinets look their best with the new hardware.

Learn more about cabinet resurfacing and cabinet hardware when you visit our site. MyKnobs.com is here to offer you with the largest selection of decorative hardware found anywhere online.

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Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Installation

You should know that installing a kitchen cabinet can be a tad tricky. This may discourage you to go forward, but rest assured, with some basic information you can complete this task successfully. The first and most important thing that you are required to do before starting is proper measurements. You need make precise measurements, be sure that you spend enough time and effort on this step. You don’t want to run into problems half way and start over again. The best thing about installing kitchen cabinet appliances by yourself is that you can set it up just how you want it. You will get the precise hardware that you like and need and, as a bonus, you will save a lot of money by not hiring a professional to do it for you.

Let’s look at the different options available. You should know that these options highly vary depending on the hardware type that you wish to install. Usually, the first on the list to install are the hinges. You can find a great number of hinges designs on the market, such as the flush mounts and the surface mounts (these two are the most common). The surface hinges are much easier to install than the other versions, all you are required to do is install the hinges across the cabinet front side after doing some basic measurements.

Begin by holding the door in an elevated position so that you can mark the positions of the hinges. The following step requires another person to help you by holding the door. You can call your friend, or neighbor to help you here. Ask him to keep the door in place as you drill and attach the hinges. After this step is complete be sure to screw them in place. All that you are required to do now is to test them. Do the doors swing freely now? If yes, then congratulations you just successfully installed your surface hinges. Be sure to finish mounting the rest of the cabinet doors.

The flush mount hinges are harder to install because you must mark the offsets on the inside of your cabinet. This hinge type wraps around the cabinet door and is normally attached to the back part. The rest of the installing process is pretty much like for the other hinge type that we discussed. You will still need a helper to successfully install the flush mount hinges.

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